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Fall Convocation

11:00am - 12:00pm

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Convocation at Central Washington University is a formal induction ceremony of the first year class, incoming graduate students, and any new students (transfer) each fall quarter into the academic community of CWU. Just as the graduation commencement serves as a ritual marking the completion of study; convocation is a ritual to signal the beginning of a college career. The University President and/or Provost presides over this event and leads students in the reciting the CWU Student Oath. A CWU coin is ceremonially given to each student from a faculty member as CWU formally welcomes new students to the academy.

Symbols and Rituals of Convocation

University Convocation is a "rite of passage," marking the transition of the students and institution into a new stage of life. Convocation at Central Washington University marks the induction of each new student into our academic culture and community. It also marks the transformation of our University as each new students brings their own perspective campus life.

The regalia worn by Convocation participants is a colorful relic dating back to the Middle Ages when education was a function of religious organizations. Participants with doctoral and master’s degrees wear the traditional gown with hoods lined with the color of the university granting the degree.


The eight Ceremonial Gonfalons are banners hung from crosspieces on poles. They descend from medieval Italy where they were used as symbols of state or office and have been adopted in many universities as college or institutional insignias. The University Gonfalon bears the university's colors of crimson and black, the birth year of the university, and the presidential seal. The seven remaining gonfalons represent each academic unit.”

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