Orientation & Transition Programs 
Bouillon 205

& 1:00pm-5:00pm

(509) 963-2735



Our Pillars and Values

We want your college experience to be everything you have dreamed. As we welcome you to the Wildcat family, we invite you to embrace our shared values to learn, do, and live.

Faculty, staff, and your peers will be here to support you. Throughout your journey, we hope you know that you belong.


  • Campus Connections

    Making connections with faculty, staff and peers.

    • Developing relationships with peers who are providing academic support and social support.
    • Taking advantage of faculty support.
    • Identifying staff that will challenge and support you as you progress towards graduation.
    • Involved in campus activities, clubs, and organizations.
  • University Navigation

    Understanding how to navigate university policies, procedures and resources.

    • Identifying offices that are valuable resources in your Central experience.
    • Understanding basic academic policies and procedures and their impact on your progress towards graduation.
    • Comfortable utilizing online campus resources.
  • Academic Success

    Developing skills, tools, and habits that will aid in your academic success.

    • Routinely attending class and making progress towards completion of your graduation requirements.
    • Enhancing college success skills.
    • Developing familiarity with library resources and research methods.
  • Responsible Citizenship

    Promoting student exploration and learning while preparing students for responsible lives in a diverse, interconnected and evolving world.

    • Exploring your own social background and characteristics through the lens of opportunities, status, power, and how you are treated by others as a result.
    • Developing an awareness and respect for others.
    • Recognizing the impact of your actions on the larger community.
    • Understanding the implications of your decisions, related to overall wellness.
    • Gaining an awareness of your own values within the context of others in your curricular and co-curricular activities.
    • Taking responsibility/ownership of your own academic and personal success.
    • Understand your rights and responsibilities as they pertain to the student rights and responsibilities policy.


  • Inclusiveness

    The diversity of peoples, cultures, and ideas is essential to learning, discovery, and creative expression. All faculty, staff, and students must be and must feel physically, professionally, and emotionally safe in order to fully engage in and benefit from the CWU experience.

  • Access

    Access is providing educational opportunities to as many qualified students as possible.

  • Engagement

    Learning, research, and creative expression are enhanced by engagement with external partners. We have a responsibility to help address the social and economic challenges faced by our communities.

  • Safety

    It is our responsibility to provide a working and learning environment that is both physically and emotionally safe.