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Yakima River

Group rafting on the Yakima RiverEnjoy a scenic float down the Yakima River, take in the stunning views of the canyon and valley, and watch for wildlife along the banks of the river. Be adventurous, see what the nature around the Lower Kitittas Valley has to offer.

Action Stage - (33.5 feet - 35.5 feet.) At this stage, the river is near bankfull at Ellensburg. Lowland flooding is possible in the low areas along the river. If the water level is below 33.5 feet, then rafts and tubes will be rented out.

The Yakima water level is always very closely monitored by the USGS. You are able to see what the water level for each of the stages in real-time. Click here to see the Yakima River's real-time water levels.

What to Bring?

  • PFD (Personal Flotation Device) / Life Jacket & WEAR IT!
  • Water
  • Food
  • Waterproof sunblock
  • Chapstick
  • Proper footwear with snug straps that will not fall off
  • Inexpensive sunglasses
  • Swimsuit
  • And the pump. When the raft hits the cold water it can lose pressure over the duration of the float. During a break in your float, keep the raft out of direct sunlight and give it a couple pumps before heading back out!

Rafting is a potentially hazardous activity. Always raft with a group and seek training prior to floating the river on your own. Moving water is a powerful element and awareness of potential hazards may allow you to have a more safe and enjoyable experience. OPR offers a Swiftwater Rescue course annually each Spring for those interested in getting more training.

On the Yakima River, OPR equipment is prohibited floating the stretch between the Upper Bridge at KOA campground to the Lower Bridge at Irene Rinehart Park (People's Pond), and from the Lower Bridge (People's Pond) down to South Ringer Loop launch. AVOID THESE AREAS!!! These areas are potentially hazardous and are off limits for OPR equipment. The Ringer Loop Road is closed in the middle because it was washed out by the Yakima River a few years ago. Please avoid putting your water vessel in the river at North Ringer Loop. North Ringer Loop is the little grassy park with the picnic table that is near the Yakima River RV Park. This section of river is within the prohibited stretch referenced above. For the Ringer Loop put-in, you should drive to the second road named Ringer Loop Road and drive to the WA state managed parking area with boat launch to put your water vessel in the river. At this site, there is a Bureau of Land Managment sign labeling this area South Ringer Loop. Please note a Discover Pass or day use fee is required here. For a list of Yakima River put-ins & take-outs and FAQ on our rental gear and floating the river, click here.

Please send inquiries via e-mail to Or contact Outdoor Pursuits and Rentals by phone at (509) 963-3537.

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