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Outdoor Pursuits and Rentals

Trips FAQ

Q: I am a officer for a club on campus. Can I organize a trip for my club through OPR?
A: Absolutely, OPR provides instructional classes and guided trips for many campus based groups. From overnight backpacking trips in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness to day hikes and winter camping, OPR’s Trips program will take care of all of the logistics so that you and your club can fully enjoy your outdoor experience.
Q: I do not have any equipment or experience in the outdoors. Can I go on an OPR trip?
A: YES! OPR's trips are perfect for you. We have a equipment rental program where you can reserve all of the equipment that you will need and our trips are focused on beginners just like you. OPR trips are perfect for people thinking about experiencing an outdoor trip.  We will look forward to seeing you soon.
Q: How do I sign up for one of these great trips?
A: Registering for any of these trips is as easy as stopping by OPR to reserve your spot. These trips are not free but the prices are much lower than you may expect. Stop by today to sign up for the trip(s) that you are interested in as they fill up quickly. You won’t want to miss out on these great opportunities. Be sure to sign-up early as there are a limited number of spots available for each of our trips.
Q: Who leads outdoor trips for OPR?
A: For the most part, student employees lead our trips. Each trip leader has specific training in the trip area they are leading and are also required to have certifications in Wilderness First Aid. If you are interested in becoming a trip leader, the most appropriate first steps are to join us on one of our trips, gain certification, and begin to build experience in leading people in the outdoors.
Q: Do you offer any certifications or trainings?
A: Yes! OPR offers at least one professional level training and certifications each year.  Examples of these are: Wilderness First Aid, Swiftwater Rescue, Raft Guiding, and Climbing Wall Instructor. This year OPR will have a strong emphasis in backcountry travel. Be sure to stay posted as this year’s clinic, trips, and trainings line-ups are going to be incredible.

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