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Blackboard Service Pack 10 Update on December 13

Dear Blackboard Faculty,

Our Blackboard learning management system is due for an update.  Updates are part of every software program and are intended to fix bugs, provide enhancements, and add new functionality based on instructor and student feedback. The update will occur on December 13—between Fall and Winter quarters—to minimize disruption to faculty and students.

The following new features will be added to Blackboard as a result of this update:

* Enhanced editor allows all users to create and edit media-rich content.
* Analysis of assessment items provides statistics on student test performance.
* Global navigation streamlines access to personalized dashboard of settings and tools.

The update also includes a number of bug fixes. The most significant bug to be addressed is the course files utility, which has caused individual courses to exceed their allotted storage space as a result of the course copy process. To resolve this issue, the course copy function must be suspended until the update is completed on December 13. After that date, instructors will be able to copy courses in preparation for Winter quarter without exceeding their allotted storage space.

Thank you for your patience while this issue is resolved.

Jane Chinn
CWU Bb Administrator

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