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Dugmore Hall Residence Facility Expansion

Project Features:

  • 402-bed facility
  • 105,000 gross-square-feet
  • Double rooms, double rooms with baths and a limited number of single rooms
  • Communal and suite-style bathrooms, study rooms, and lounges
  • Primarily housing first-year students
  • First CWU project to use progressive design-build delivery method to ensure the project is completed within budget and in the timeliest fashion
  • Laundry areas on each floor
  • Communal kitchen on first floor attached to the main hall lounge

Budget: $40 million


  • Why is this project needed?

    CWU has experienced unprecedented enrollment growth in recent years, particularly in first-year classes. Because first-year students are required to live on campus, demand for university housing has exceeded the capacity of CWU residential facilities. Compounding the situation is a lack of available housing in the city of Ellensburg, which has a vacancy rate of about 1 percent. In the fall of 2017, CWU reached maximum capacity, which leaves little ability to respond to emergency student moves and maintenance problems in housing, lessens the capacity to host conferences and visiting students, and greatly reduces the ability of the university to conduct regular maintenance on housing facilities. In July 2017, the CWU Board of Trustees directed staff to plan and prepare to construct additional housing for students.

  • What’s the name of the new residence hall?

    The new residence hall is named Dugmore Hall in honor of Owen Dugmore, who taught in CWU’s Department of Psychology for 45 years, from 1969 to 2014, and also provided personal counseling services to students at the Student Medical and Counseling Clinic on campus.

  • How is this project being funded?

    Dugmore Hall is being funded using CWU Housing and Auxiliaries reserves and a bond sale set aside specifically for this purpose and doesn’t use state funds or tuition dollars.

  • Where exactly is this located?

    Dugmore Hall will be built on a nine-acre site at the northeast corner of East Dean Nicholson Boulevard and North Wildcat Way. The location previously housed Peterson Hall, former home of the CWU ROTC programs, and the Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute (CHCI) building, which were both no longer viable and were demolished. For information on CWU’s Primate Behavior and Ecology program and its partnership with the Cle Elum Chimpanzee Sanctuary, go to:

  • How is a project of this size and scope being constructed so quickly?

    Dugmore Hall is the first CWU project to use the progressive design-build (PDB) delivery method. PDB allows the design team and construction team to work concurrently from the start. This enables the entire team to focus on the main goal of providing the highest quality housing to students, completing the project within budget, and in the timeliest fashion.

  • What about parking?

    The Dugmore Hall project includes adding about 250 parking spaces. Additional parking is also being built nearby for the Campus Recreation Expansion.

  • Will there be new dining facilities associated with the new project?

    Dugmore Hall will be adjacent to a new North Campus dining facility. For more information on new dining opportunities, go to: []

  • Will Dugmore Hall be priced differently from existing residence halls?

    No, Dugmore Hall’s room pricing will be in line with more recently-constructed and remodeled residence halls such as Barto and Wendell Hill halls.