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Nick Zentner

From massive lava flows to the planet's biggest Ice Age waterfall, Nick on the Rocks takes audiences on adventures to the Pacific Northwest’s beautiful and diverse landscapes - right from their armchair!

Having produced over 40 short videos on geology, Zentner has built a community that has developed a love for rocks and earth sciences of all kinds. As Central Washington University’s Science Outreach and Education Coordinator for the Department of Geological Sciences, Zentner has become a popular speaker throughout the Pacific Northwest. Earning the prestigious James Shea Award from the National Association of Geoscience Teachers, Zentner has been recognized for his exceptional delivery of Earth Science content to the public and in the classroom.

Season 3

Episode 1   |   Ice Age Mystery of Lake Lewis

Episode 2   |   Steamboat in the Desert

Episode 3   |   Goldielocks Miracle of the Palouse

Episode 4   |   Puget Sound's Exotic Terraces

Episode 5   |   Ghost Forests

Episode 6   |   Giant Ripples in the Scablands

Episode 1   |   Seattle Fault

Episode 2   |   Basalt Columns

Episode 3   |   Chasing Ancient Rivers

Episode 4   |   Lake Chelan

Episode 5   |   Bridge of the Gods

Episode 6   |   Ancient Volcanoes

Episode 1   |   Liberty Gold Mines

Episode 2   |   Mount Stuart - From Mexico?

Episode 3   |   Dry Falls

Episode 4   |   Yakima River Canyon

Episode 5   |   Giant Lava Flows

Episode 6   |   Mt. Rainier's Osceola Mudflow

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