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Year in Review No. 8: CWU Shows Dedication to Football with Renovated Stadium

Tomlinson Stadium Under the Lights

The first time Ian Shoemaker stepped out on Central Washington University’s football stadium, he took notice to the aging track field, the worn grass and not an opportunity for night games because the absence of lights.

But after a promising interview process, he accepted the job when he heard the administration was going to make a dedication to improving the facility.

Five years later, Shoemaker has brought success to the football program — and the administration has kept its promises, too.

Wildcats took the next step in the program’s history by christening a newly renovated stadium with artificial turf and lights that had them field it for the first time against West Texas A&M University on Sept. 29.

“It’s such a huge upgrade from what we were dealing with before with the grass and not having the opportunity to have night games like some one of the other teams in our league have,” Shoemaker said. “We are excited and so proud of the boosters and administration went to bat for our program and this facility.”

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