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Women of Kamola Remember CWU in the 1950s

Last September it had been 55 years since they were college students at Central Washington University, but when the women who make up the Kamola Konnection got together, it was just like old times.

That's how the women's long string of annual college reunions always seem, the seven women acknowledged at their CWU stay.

“It’s like we’ve never been apart,” said Sharon Geer of McCleary during the women's campus visit.

Geer and six of her former dormmates revisited campus for their 23rd annual reunion in early September 2014. One couldn't make it for the reunion this year.

The women years ago lived together in CWU’s Kamola Hall. That was in the 1950s when the university was known as Central Washington College of Education.

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February 25, 2015