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Welcome to Central Minute, a new video series produced by CWU’s department of Public Affairs. These short videos have “minute” in the title because mostly, they’ll only be a minute long. We may go over that, but not by much. Click on the photo to view our first installment.

Believe it or not, that’s all you need. And the topics we choose will be based on research that says students make their college decisions based on quality—quality programs and quality teachers. In short, they want the best education their sometimes limited money can buy.

We’re going to show them the wonders of CWU. In fact, in a number of national ratings, we rank tops in “bang for your buck.”

Students also make their college decision based on location—size and place. CWU aces both those categories. Our place is an extraordinary natural environment where the rivers flow, the mountains preside, the winds are harnessed, and the sun is warm. All that, and professors here know your name. CWU is built on a human scale with classes small enough to foster relationships that last a lifetime.

This first segment is called: Study the Cosmos! Science II, a building that’s a teaching tool for science, is going up!

Coming up on Central Minute, you will meet a professor whose collection of old baseball mitts is an expression of the values that have guided his career; a CWU professor/poet who questions the historical claim that white conquerors were the first to scale nearby Mt. Stuart; and a student who admits she’s a rookie but, through practice, places high in a campus wall climbing competition.