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Video Taping on Campus This Week

SealCWU’s Department of Public Affairs in conjunction with the CWU Police Department will be filming an instructional video this week (July 29-31) at several campus locations. The video, “Run, Hide, Fight,” is designed to instruct students, faculty, and staff about the appropriate steps to take when faced with an imminent threat. We regret if you were not notified in advance or in a timely manner.

“Run, Hide, Fight is a national model that we've adopted,” said CWU Police Chief Jason Berthon-Koch. “This is your plan if someone is trying to hurt you or someone around you. Thinking about how to respond to a critical incident is the first step in being prepared.”

The video filming will involve actors and extras depicting various scenes. CWU Police officers will be in full tactical gear with weapons drawn and vehicles on alert. One officer will be dressed as a gunman and will be carrying a large rifle. Students and staff will also be seen running and screaming. Loud sounds will be made to simulate gunfire, however, no bullets will be fired.

On Monday (July 29), a video crew will be filming in Samuelson Hall throughout the day. Please be aware the production will include simulations of threatening events. Signs have been posted explaining the purpose of the filming and every effort will be made to minimize disruptions to classrooms or offices.

The following areas will be impacted:

Mon., July 29
8 a.m. – noon     Samuelson Hall
1-5 p.m.               Wendell B Hall and exterior

Tues., July 30
8 a.m. – 5 p.m.   Samuelson Hall
1-5 p.m.               Wendell Hall B and exterior
                              Science I Lawn

Wed., July 31
8 a.m. – noon     SURC Open Dining Area/Parking Lot
                              Samuelson Hall

Extras are still being sought to participate. Please sign up for Run. Hide. Fight. video filming today!

Contact:  Dawn Alford, Public Affairs Department, 509-96-1484,