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Statement from CWU President James L. Gaudino on Recent Leafleting Activity

Last Saturday night, several people used the darkness to cover shameful acts. On a weekend celebrating courage, justice, and equality, these individuals attempted to generate fear and division.

They chose the wrong place.

We know that respect and fellowship among people from all walks of life are America’s best future. The people who live and work here reject the politics of hatred and intimidation and embrace friendship and collaboration. We reject misdirection and “truthiness” and value reflection and discussion.  We reject racism in all of its forms, and embrace diversity as an opportunity and a blessing.

We cannot chase all cowards from the darkness where they thrive. But we can love and support our friends and neighbors. We can confront hate speech wherever we find it, and we can hold tight to the values that have always made CWU and the Kittitas Valley among the most welcoming locations on Earth.  The purveyors of hate will never go away—but neither will our commitment to a safe and inclusive community where the values of respect, justice and truth never waver.


James L. Gaudino
Central Washington University