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Caleb Allison took to the lectern three times Thursday: First to share his screenplay, “Year of the Tortoise,” next to talk about comparisons between the French film “La Femme Infidele” and its remake, “Unfaithful,” and then to present how “Star Wars” reshaped the science fiction genre in film.

“Hallelujah,” he said, when finally done.

Allison will graduate this year from Central Washington University, and it was his second year presenting at SOURCE, the school’s annual academic and creative symposium.

He was most excited to present his screenplay, a “coming-of-age comedy-drama following an angst-ridden high school student,” according to his abstract.

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PHOTO: Caleb Allison discusses a scene from the French film La Femme Infidele during one of three presentations he gave at SOURCE on May 21, 2015. (Rich Villacres/CWU)