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Seahawk Jermaine Kearse joins CWU Students in Nicaragua for Sustainable Development Course

Seahawks wide receiver Jermaine Kearse may have had tired hands days after making that unbelievable catch at Super Bowl XLIX.

But it wasn't from that catch.

Only days after the game, he boarded a plane to a small village in Nicaragua, where one of his tasks was to shovel cement to build a technical school.

Kearse was traveling with college students participating in CWU's International Sustainable Development Institute (ISDI), a program where students earn college credit while having life-changing experiences in international service learning.

"We helped build a school out of plastic bottles," Kearse said. "We got our hands dirty shoveling concrete—that’s no easy task. You see the conditions--how people live--and you feel much more appreciative," he said. “It definitely had a huge impact on my perspective and what life really means to me,” he said.

Sarah Collins, a CWU student who traveled in Kearse’s group, said, “He worked hard and the children loved him. His dedication to this mission was amazing and inspirational.”

Collins earned college credit for her service, as do all students who participate in ISDI. This project the result of a partnership between CWU and Growth International Volunteer Excursions (GIVE) working to improve the lives of local community residents across the globe, while giving students transformative experiences that last a lifetime.

“The technical school Jermaine helped us build is an excellent example of our asset-based approach, said ISDI Director Kenneth Cohen. “This project is only one of several. There are more locations in Thailand, Laos, and Tanzania. And we want to be accessible to all students, regardless of background or income.”

Students receive the cultural context and knowledge about how their work can change a community through an online platform. Then, they immerse themselves in hands-on field service learning projects that inspire them to create innovative solutions to problems locally and globally. The experience gives them a competitive edge academically and professionally. Scholarships are available. For more information about the program, CLICK HERE.

TOP PHOTO: Seahawks player Jermaine Kearse with 'Eddie' in Nicaragua