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Pair of CWU Students Involved in Effort to Declare Family & Consumer Science Day in the State of Washington

Two Central Washington University students, Jessica Elshire and Madeline Maden, played a key role when Washington Governor Jay Inslee recently issued a proclamation declaring December 3, 2019 as Family & Consumer Sciences Day in the state of Washington.


Elshire and Maden joined with four students from Washington State University to ask Inslee to recognize the importance of Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS), according to Jodi Musser, professor of business marketing and FCS Career and Technical Education at CWU.


The two were part of a group of FCS students belonging to the Washington Association of Family & Consumer Sciences, who petitioned the Governor to issue the proclamation.


 “It’s important to acknowledge the vital role played by Family and Consumer Sciences and it’s gratifying to see the state of Washington recognize those who have decided to pursue careers that help strengthen families,” Musser said.


The FCS program at Central has seen significant increases in enrollment in recent years, she added.


“We have grown from nine to approximately 45 students in five years,” she said. “We (CWU) are currently the largest program in the state in terms of declared majors in Family and Consumer Science Education (FCSE).”


Musser noted there is a shortage of FCSE teachers in the state of Washington so CWU’s efforts to develop more instructors, particularly high school teachers focusing on Family and Consumer Science topics, benefits all state residents.


In the proclamation, Inslee noted the importance of those studying Family and Consumer Sciences because it focuses on the needs of families and promotes healthier lifestyles.


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