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Notice: CWU to Conduct Critical Incident Training in the SURC on Wednesday

On August 29th the CWU police department will work with other law enforcement agencies, Kittitas Valley Fire Rescue, University staff and the CWU community to aid in preparation for a critical incident. This exercise will primarily take place within the Student Union and Recreation Center (SURC). However, there will be portions of the training that takes place in the walkway between Wilson Hall and the SURC.

In December 2017, we conducted a similar exercise in the SURC. During that training, we ensured that the community and participants were safe with numerous safety measures. We will again be placing signs outside the building and placing personnel outside to inform the community of the exercise should they have questions or concerns.

This drill will take place in the morning with the setup beginning as early as 6:30 am and lasting until approximately 11:30 am. During that time participants will receive education on how to respond if the exercise was a real event. Then again after the event, we will follow up with all the community members to answer any questions.