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New Program Offers More Flexible Degree Option at CWU-Lynnwood and CWU-Sammamish

Central Washington University has just made it easier to obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree. Starting next fall, CWU-Lynnwood and CWU-Sammamish will offer a new BA in Liberal Studies that allows students to earn a degree without a specialization.

What can you do with a Liberal Studies degree? Anything you want!“We saw the opportunity to allow students to take some upper-division courses that were not necessarily in a specialized program but could be developed into a degree program that would fulfill their education and career goals,” said Scott Robinson, CWU director of Liberal Studies and Film. “Students can also incorporate electives also focused specifically on matching those career goals.”

This new program has proven popular on the Ellensburg campus, where three CWU students earned the first university BA in Liberal Studies degrees at the end of winter quarter. Initially, the BA in Liberal Studies offered at CWU-Lynnwood and CWU-Sammamish will focus on Global Communication and Leadership.

“We created a track—an approved list of courses—for face-to-face instruction,” Robinson explained. “It was based on input from students about specific programs they wanted from which we then tried to incorporate courses that lent themselves to any industry and are all great career builders.”

Lauren Hibbs, executive director of CWU Extended Learning said, “This program is powerful for many reasons, including customization of needed skills into an adapting workforce. Additionally, the design of this program supports multiple entry points for traditional or adult students to start or return to school.

At CWU-Sammamish, daytime classes are designed for students who have completed the Running Start program, community college students looking to complete their BA degrees or adults who never finished a degree but want to do so now. CWU-Sammamish also offers all required general education coursework.

At CWU-Lynnwood, day and night classes will be offered, with flexibility intended to provide “a perfect vehicle to a bachelor’s degree for students who have two-year Direct Transfer or Associate of Applied Science-Transfer degrees, which are such great skill-building programs and so popular at our two-year partner institutions, like Edmonds College,” Robinson said.

“This program gives students the skills to go wherever they want to go,” he added.

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