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Message from President Jim Wohlpart

Dear Colleagues,

Over the next year, the Central Washington University community will work collaboratively and inclusively to develop a new Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan. Our Vision will be aspirational and provide direction for where we want to go as a university. The Mission statement will capture the essence of who we are and why our work matters. And, importantly, the Strategic Plan will provide the roadmap for getting us to our aspirational vision.

In order to achieve this ambitious goal, we will convene a Steering Committee comprised of members from all employee groups and the student body. Additionally, there will be regular opportunities for engagement through surveys and open forums and we will share our work on a new public web page. While feedback will be sought from our university community throughout the process, and while our many different representative organizations will have the opportunity to provide an endorsement of the final work, the Executive Leadership Team and the Board of Trustees are responsible for the final approval of the new Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan.

The process will begin with a survey of the university community to gather information that can be used to develop draft statements for our Vision and Mission. These drafts will then be shared at open forums to gather feedback from all members of the university, both internal and external. A timeline and process has been included on the website.

The leadership of each of the employee groups and the Associated Students of CWU provided feedback and direction in developing the membership of the Steering Committee. For information on the Steering Committee membership, its charge, the process, and our timeline, please visit the CWU Vision, Mission, and Strategic Plan development web page.

We look forward to your participation! If you have questions, please let me know.


Jim Wohlpart