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Hertz Hall Concert Celebrates 125 Years of CWU Music

Vibrant voices raised in song and music from the ages filling the halls of a revered building—the Hertz Hall Holiday Concert will be the inaugural event of Central Washington University’s Holiday Weekend for the Arts.

The concert will begin at 7:00 p.m., November 30, in the Hertz Hall Auditorium. Tickets may be purchased online from Wildcat tickets at

The Hertz Hall Holiday Concert not only celebrates 125 years of CWU’s most venerated department, but also the impressive career of Wayne Hertz, who led and influenced CWU music for much longer than the 36 years he was chair. It is also a farewell to the building, which will be demolished in 2019.

“Even now, nearly a half-century after his retirement—in my world, not a month goes by where his name doesn’t come up in some kind of conversation about the choirs at CWU,” said Gary Weidenaar, Director of Choirs. Weidenaar developed a magnificent program for the concert that honors Hertz’s legacy, as well as highlights faculty talent, and current and former students.

“Hertz Hall has meant much to so many people since its opening in 1964. My idea was to not only involve people who had significant connections to Hertz Hall, but also present music by people who have significant connections to CWU,” Weidenaar continued.

Weidenaar’s program includes music written by CWU’s Vijay Singh and Scott Peterson. Peterson wrote “Advent Hymn,” which will debut at this concert. Peterson also received the first master’s degree in Choral Conducting from Central.

In addition, Weidenaar will involve and recognize members of the audience—many of whom are alumni—by encouraging them to join the choirs in singing “Silent Night.” At the end of the concert, the audience will be invited up on the stage to close the concert with Handel’s Hallelujah chorus.

“This building may be replaced by another structure – but both it and Professor Wayne Hertz will remain for a long, long time in our memories,” Weidenaar said.

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