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Have a Safe Super Bowl Sunday

The safest way to celebrate the upcoming Superbowl LV is to watch the game at home with the people who live with you, according to Kittitas County Public Health Officer Dr. Mark Larson.

Gatherings with family and friends who do not live with you can increase the chances of getting or spreading the virus. Public Health officials warn football fans against attending parties to watch the Super Bowl, which is scheduled to kick-off at 3:30 PST on Sunday, February 7.

“Every time we have something like this, there always is a spike in cases,” Dr. Larson said. “As much fun as it is to get together in a big Super Bowl party, now is not the time to do that. Watch the game and enjoy it, but do it with your family or with people that are in your household.”

COVID-19 has now killed more than 446,000 Americans. Worldwide, the pandemic has claimed the lives of 2.25 million.