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First Bachelor of Science Degree to be Offered at CWU-Sammamish

Central Washington University will soon offer its first Bachelor of Science degree based at CWU-Sammamish. Applications are now being accepted for students interested in becoming the first to take classes leading to a BS in Information Technology and Administrative Management (ITAM), which will begin fall quarter.

“We’re very excited to be able to offer this unique, high-demand, industry-driven IT management program,” said Robert Lupton, professor and chair of CWU’s ITAM department. “Outside of our Ellensburg campus, we only offer our successful—and popular—Master of Science in ITAM graduate program at CWU-Sammamish. We think it now makes sense for us to offer a Bachelor of Science undergraduate degree there as well.”

Lauren Hibbs, CWU executive director of Extended Learning, added the reason, in part, is location. “This program is a perfect match for CWU-Sammamish since it is located so close to so many key tech industry leaders, like Amazon, Boeing, Expedia, Microsoft, and others.”

An ITAM degree is distinctive in that it blends high-demand technical skills with essential soft skills, such as leadership and supervision. It prepares students to become career-ready graduates for, or job advancement in, many of today’s major employment growth areas.  

“The curriculum is designed by subject matter experts with guidance from industry professionals,” Lupton said. “It addresses the current demand for tech-savvy individuals who can effectively lead and motivate teams, and manage projects, while simultaneously integrating technological solutions.”

Courses will be offered both in a “hybrid” format, featuring in-class and online instruction, or fully online. In either case, the program offers specializations in administrative management, cybersecurity, project management, retail management and technology, and data-driven innovation for IT managers.

“Regardless of specialization or the way they take their classes, our students can count on high-quality teaching and personal advising, too,” Lupton went on to say. “These information technology programs are ideal for both graduating high school students in the area, as well as current CWU students who wish to study closer to home and work.”

CWU already offers BS-ITAM at CWU-Des-Moines, at Highline College; CWU-Lynnwood, at Edmonds College; and CWU-Pierce County, at Pierce College Fort Steilacoom.