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Despite Suffering Abuse As A Child, CWU Student Raises Siblings and Graduates

Autumn Adams sits with her little sisterWhen you look at 22-year-old Autumn Adams and her younger sister, you might never imagine what they had to endure from their mother, just a few years ago in their Toppenish home.

"I have lived in a home we didn't know if we were ever really safe," Adams tells Action News.

She adds, "There were days where I woke up to screaming and she would take a machete to the wall."

"I was shy and I didn't trust anybody," says Kaya Tahmalwash, 10.

Adams says her mother became addicted to drugs alcohol before vanishing with Autumn's two siblings and crashing their car.

"I can't imagine life without them," says Adams,

But what would happen next might inspire others.

At 18, Adams took custody of her two siblings and enrolled at Central Washington University.

Adams says, "I finished my first quarter here with a 3.9 GPA and it was a brand new start for me"

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