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#CWUTogether Launched to Promote Unity, Share Resources

Social distancing to defeat COVID-19 has many unexpected consequences, including the loss of connection as a result of keeping six-feet apart and adhering to the stay at home order. As a way to bond with one another and provide access to needed resources, Central Washington University has launched a new website, CWU Together, and companion hashtag, #CWUTogether.

CWU Together graphic“Lots of people tell me they don’t even know what day it is anymore, as each one seems like the day before,” said Masey Kalalau, CWU social media manager. “Because of that reality—and the importance the university places on social media—we thought it was important to develop this hashtag to help our students, faculty, and staff stay connected, no matter where they may be.”

Kalalau adds those connections could include anything from collective experiences to inspirational posts, and be shared through photos, text, or videos.

The related website will also offer ways for Wildcats to remain connected with campus. Individual departments have been developing new ways to keep the campus community in the know and, along with the community, offer access to resources needed at this time.

“This resource has been designed specifically for the entire CWU community for this period while we have to be apart,” said Kremiere Jackson, CWU vice president of Public Affairs. “The CWU Together website will provide a single place for showcasing our resources, and all the innovative ways students, faculty, staff, and alumni are working together in Ellensburg and even around the world.”

In today’s climate, people may be feeling alone or unsure, and these communication tools were developed specifically to underscore that all Wildcats are in this together and that the university will come out stronger in the end, Jackson added.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The CWU Together website address is

Media contact: Robert Lowery, Public Affairs, 509-963-1487,