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CWU's Puzzle Room Hopes to Draw More Students to its Museum of Culture and Environment

Students from a local university have created an event which allows people to solve puzzles Lockand unlock clues to a mystery.

Central Washington University’s Museum of Culture and Environment has a new puzzle activity that was created by students from different majors from math to anthropology.

The students developed a puzzle room, which is similar to an escape room.

Expected their version includes actors, monster, plot twists and challenging puzzles.

CWU Museum of Culture and Environment Director J. Hope Amason would like for people to learn that museums can also be entertaining.

“Museums are not just places to learn but it’s also a place where people can have fun,” said Amason.

The creators of the puzzle room hope the fun interactive activity will help draw more students to the museum.

Published by KVEW TV on March 16, 2018.

Watch the CWU Video on YouTube: Puzzle Room at the Museum