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CWU Web Page Re-Skin Launched Monday

Central Washington University has unveiled a new web site design that makes navigating the university’s online pages easier.

Starting on February 6, CWU’s main web pages sport an updated appearance and interface tailored for mobile devices as well as desktop and laptop computers. The redesign, being called a “re-skinning” of the site, incorporates more graphics and a more intuitive functionality.

The new web design is the first phase of a more comprehensive re-tooling of the university’s web site that will continue for the next year. Later phases will include revising and updating the design and content on all university web pages.

“One of the realities of hosting a web page is that you’re always revising and updating it to make it as useful as possible,” said Linda Schactler, CWU chief of staff. “Our goal for this re-skinning of the pages is to give our pages a more contemporary appearance and to make them easier to use.”

Schactler said any user who finds a problem, such as a dead link or outdated information, is encouraged to contact the Department of Public Affairs at 509-963-1221.

“We want to hear about any mistakes or problems that people encounter while using the site,” she said. “The users can perform an invaluable service by letting us know about anything that’s not working the way it should with the pages.”

The design and content of the new site are based on best industry practices for university website construction, design, and navigation. The website is the university's chief business communication tool, having more than 700,000 page views per week.

Schactler said Public Affairs department staff developed the new look in consultation with key university website users, with Seattle-based Pyramid Communications and Ruffalo Noel Levitz, the industry leader in developing strategic enrollment solutions.

Schactler said the new site will make it easier for university users, as well as visitors, to find information about CWU. The new design spotlights high-traffic locations on the CWU website, based on site analytics, which include admissions, financial aid, housing, and the registrar’s office.

Once the site is live, on February 6, users will need to delete any cached version of the web site or refresh their browser in order to view the new web site.

With 11,993 students, CWU is one of the fastest growing universities in the state of Washington, offering 135 majors, with an average class size of 25 students. The school is ranked first in the state for value by The Economist Magazine.

Media contact: Richard Moreno, director of content development, 509-963-2714,

—January 31, 2017