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CWU Top in State in EDUCATE TO CAREER College Ranking

CWU is best at improving earnings and ensuring employability of graduates

Central Washington University placed 110th on a survey of 1,200 colleges nationwide in student career success after graduation. The Educate to Career College Ranking Index (ETC) ranked four-year colleges and universities with more than 1,000 students, based on earnings and employability attained by their graduates.

The index considers the academic profile of students when they enter, the total costs related to attendance, and their success upon entering the labor market and measures each school's ability to improve the employability and earnings power of their students.

"At CWU, the value added to our students is second to none in Washington State," says President James L. Gaudino. "Each year, CWU graduates, who have studied in real-world professional settings, are ready for high-demand careers in the workforce."

According to ETC, the index incorporates workplace success metrics such as employment in the field of study and earnings within one year of graduation. The organization also factors in student loan payback rates, default rates, and financial factors that affect graduates as much as 20 years out after completion of college.

CWU graduates had an average starting salary of $28,600 with, at the time of the study, in-state tuition at $8,241 a year. CWU ranked the highest of all Washington State public universities. Western Washington University was ranked 143rd; Washington State University, 213th; Eastern Washington University, 296th; the University of Washington, 329th; and Evergreen, 1026th.

These metrics were used in calculating the college rankings:
• Percentage of graduates employed in occupations which utilize their field of study
• Average salary earned by recent graduates, by school for each major category
• Percentage of persons employed within one year of graduation (weighted on an occupational trend basis)
• Major, weighted against national norms
• Number of years to graduate
• Tuition- net cost

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June 4, 2013