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CWU targets abandoned bicycles on campus

Central Washington University’s police department wants to remind students that bicycles, or any other objects, that appear to be abandoned on university premises will be impounded.

Jason Berthon-Koch, CWU’s interim police chief, said his department has long had a practice of picking up abandoned property and holding it in an impound area. He said this year’s campus sweep, during which his officers will collect any bicycles or other discarded items, will be in late June, following the end of the current academic year.

“Our main focus is to remove bicycles that have been abandoned for some time,” Berthon-Koch said. “They’re not only an eyesore but can be hazards. After we pick them up, we place them in an impound area where they can be reclaimed by the owners.”

He said bicycles are the most common abandoned property. Often, after the owner gets a flat tire or experience some other mechanical problem, the bicycle will be chained to a bike rake and either forgotten or abandoned by the owner.

Berthon-Koch said the university generally impounds the bicycle for 60 days, as required by state law. If the property is not claimed by then, it will be transferred to university surplus, where it will be sold. Students who want to claim an abandoned bicycle can call or visit the CWU police department and describe their property in order to obtain its release.

CWU Public Safety and Police Services is located at 1211 Wildcat Way. The telephone number is 509-963-2959.

Media contact: Richard Moreno, Department of Public Affairs, 509-963-2714,