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CWU Student Graphic Artists are Part of International Exhibition

Ten Central Washington University graphics artists students are participating an international typography program and exhibition that will display their works in countries all over the world. The first showing will be at the Pradita Institute in Tangerang, Indonesia, beginning on September 23.


The exhibition, called TYPE UNITE, brings together student designers from eight countries, including the U.S., Indonesia, Ecuador, Poland, South Korea, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Hungary.


The intent of TYPE UNITE is to use design and typography to bring countries and cultures closer together, according to the organization’s mission statement. It does this by celebrating the differences that make the world interesting and by finding ways to simply, amplify, and unify communications between different people and cultures.


"Introducing this project and showing students how design and typography are expressed in different cultures, and how messages are communicated was an extremely valuable experience for them,” said David Bieloh, a CWU associate professor of graphics and design, who facilitated the project in a class.


“They asked me to submit samples of my professional work and my student work dating back years, through the scope of my career,” Bieloh said. After his work was reviewed, he was formally invited to become part of the project as the representative from the United States.


In that role, he was tasked with interpreting the theme, which was Language Relations, and writing the briefs for all the students and faculty that participated.


“It was very much a collaborative project,” he said, adding that each participating university could only submit a total of 10 posters, so he had to select the 10 strongest designs from his class.


CWU students chosen to participate included: Alexa Tymecki, Amanda Smith, Joe Petrick, Kaitlyn Kurisu, Olivia Lane, Rio Allen, Ruka Wolf, Shane Martin, Brenda Garcia, and Isabelle Edwards.


In addition to the exhibition, the students’ works will appear in a printed catalog and in an online exhibit on the TYPE UNITE website.


It's a unique experience to get students involved in a collaborative project with such a diverse group of peers from around the world, yet all having a common love for typography and design,” he said. “I highly enjoyed this experience and very much look forward to introducing it to my class again in 2020.”


Bieloh said he had always wanted to be able to work with educators from different parts of the world and to compare projects, processes, methods, and design pedagogy.


“This was just the experience I was looking for,” he continued. “Getting to collaborate on the project, receive feedback, learn new approaches to design and typography, and present my work and my student work to an international group of peers—this was part of the real value for me.”


Bieloh plans to install the full TYPE UNITE Poster Exhibition on the CWU campus during the upcoming school year.



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