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CWU Strives to Meet Staggering Demand for Airline Pilots

They train airline pilots at Central Washington University and have since the mid-1970s. Now, CWU is looking to expand as it plans to meet its share of the demand for new pilots.

Boeing on Monday released its newest forecast for worldwide pilot demand, some 558,000 over the next two years - one fifth of those jobs just in North America. The demand for technicians to diagnose, maintain and repair airliners, is even higher, more than 600,000.

The report shows a 4% gain in expected demand over last year's forecast. Boeing has also raised its Current Market Outlook, its long running forecast of how many new airliners the world will buy. Right now, the CMO's 20-year estimate is the world's airlines will purchase some 38,000 new planes over that same period.

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Story by Glenn Farley, photo courtesy of KING-5 News.