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CWU Professor Featured in Spain's El Mundo Newspaper

César García, Communication professor and director of Non-Profit Organization Management Professor Cesar Garcia at Central Washington University was recently featured in Spain's El Mundo newspaper.

The article, "Los alumnos españoles de 15 años no destacan trabajando en equipo: sólo el 4% es excelente," translated into English as "Study Shows 15-year-old Spanish Students Do Not Excel at Teamwork: Only 4% are "Excellent" At It," was published in the November 21, 2018 issue. Below is an excerpt from Gracia's interview:

Garcia explains César García, a professor at Central Washington University (USA), believes that "the current generation is perhaps the most individualistic and overprotected in history and the one that has spent the least amount of time maintaining face-to-face contact with others. They value safety and they find it in the solitude of their rooms, protected by a screen that is also their way of contact with the outside."

He suggests less homework and more group work in the classroom supervised, not managed, by ​​the teacher and also to strengthen student clubs in schools, "where they learn to have responsibilities such as managing budgets, leading or organizing meetings."

Read the entire article in Spanish online at El Mundo.