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CWU President Gaudino releases statement on harassment, discrimination

Dear CWU Students, Employees, Alumni and Friends,

Cultural changes are appropriately raising questions about how we work, how we communicate, and what it means to be accountable for our behaviors. One issue that is increasingly in the news is sexual harassment and assault. Victims are bravely describing the inappropriate and potentially criminal behaviors of prominent figures in sports, politics, and entertainment.

As is in the case with most rapid changes in culture, it will take our political and justice systems time to codify what we all know are inappropriate behaviors and to establish just responses to violations.

We don’t have to wait because CWU’s values remain unchanged.

We have and will continue to insist on learning, working, and living environments that support the success of our students and our employees. We will continue to demand respect for all people. We will require workplace, living, and learning climates in which employees and students feel physically, intellectually, and emotionally secure.

CWU will not tolerate any form of harassment, including sexual harassment, on our residential campus, at our University Centers and instructional sites, or in the communities that we serve. Federal law and our own policies, codes, and labor agreements prohibit harassment and discrimination.

When CWU receives a complaint alleging harassment, including those of a sexual nature, our Human Resources staff ensures that it is investigated promptly, confidentially, objectively, and thoroughly. Anyone found responsible for discriminatory or harassing behavior is subject to disciplinary actions, up to and including termination.

Sexual harassment has become the current focus of the media spotlight. However, even after this issue fades from that limelight, the safety of our students and employees and the quality of the education environment we provide will continue to be our paramount duty.


James L. Gaudino