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CWU partners with Washington State Debate Coalition

Central Washington University has joined more than 40 colleges, libraries, service clubs, and media organizations to support a series of debates between candidates for statewide office in Washington.

The formation of the group, called the Washington State Debate Coalition, was announced today at a press conference at The Seattle Public Library. The purpose of the Coalition is to host non-partisan, public debates at various college campuses and other locations with the major candidates for statewide elected positions.

"Central Washington University is pleased to be a part of the important work of organizing civil, informed, political debate,” said Dan Dixon, a member of the CWU Board of Trustees, who is representing the school on the Coalition. “The need has never been greater for civic engagement that brings Washington together.”

CWU has expressed interest in hosting one of the debates.

“As a public institution, Central Washington University has a responsibility to help inform public policy decisions and to create a transparent and civil process for the election of the leaders of our state," Dixon said.

According to Coalition organizers, the debates are designed to provide the public with a better understanding of the candidates and issues, and serve as an alternative to partisan campaign advertisements and commercials that provide much of what the public hears about the candidates.

For more information about the Coalition, contact Diane Douglas and Allie Johnson, Seattle CityClub, 206-682-7395,,

CWU Media contact: Rich Moreno, director of content development, 509-963-2714,

Seattle CityClub Media contact: Charles McCray, CityClub Board of Directors, 206-489-3233,

March 10, 2016