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CWU to offer new flexible graduate degree program for Information Technology and Administrative Management

Central Washington University’s Information Technology and Administrative Management (ITAM) program is rolling out a new competency-based program graduate program called FlexIT Pro in the Spring Quarter of 2018.

CWU ITAM currently offers the popular Master of Science in Technology & Administrative Management (MS-ITAM), which is focused on four specializations: Administrative Management, Cybersecurity, Information Technology, and Structure of Data Analytics. Responding to interest in pursuing the MS-ITAM degree part-time, ITAM will offer the FlexIT Pro competency-based option for the Administrative Management specialization, starting in spring. 

“Offering multiple pathways to completion of academic goals is part of ITAM’s mission. The FlexIT Pro option is another way we can serve students who have complex and challenging lives,” FlexIt program coordinator, Dr. Elizabeth Fountain said.

Since 2014, ITAM has offered a FlexIT competency-based option to earn a Bachelor of Science degree. The new FlexIT Pro program now allows students to pursue an ITAM master’s degree part-time or to accelerate their degree completion by demonstrating competency in each course area, coached by experienced ITAM faculty, at a flexible pace.

“It’s especially exciting to see our undergraduate FlexIT students continue their higher education with MS-ITAM FlexIT Pro, creating even more options for their careers,” Fountain said.

The program currently has at least 12 applications in various stages of the process of review. Two early admissions were Don Smith, a former student of WGU, a national leader in competency based programs, and Daniel Wonderly, who is graduating from the CWU ITAM undergraduate FlexIT program.

“We are very excited about talking to prospective students about this program, not only for the content available to further their careers, but because it has such flexibility for people in demanding jobs and/or busy family lives,” assistant professor Dr. Julie Bonner said. “We truly believe this option provides a unique opportunity for graduate students wanting to get ahead in their life”

For more information on the program, visit the CWU ITAM website:

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