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CWU Nutrition and Exercise Science Professor Discusses Need for Electrolytes

Whether you're reaching for a bottle of Pedialyte after a brutal hangover, chugging a cup of Nuun during a running race, or spending a few more bucks on a bottle of Essentia Water before a workout, chances are at some point you've thought that electrolytes will solve all your problems.

Common understanding of electrolytes begins and ends with a drink label or Gatorade commercial. And although sports drinks have been vilified for containing excessive amounts of added sugar, it turns out electrolytes are pretty important.

For starters, what even is an electrolyte? Basically, electrolytes are particles that help the body maintain its fluid balance, by "keeping fluids in the correct compartments," says Kelly Pritchett, PhD, RD, CSSD, assistant professor in nutrition and exercise science at Central Washington University. 

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