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CWU Further Aids Access for Transfer Students

Central Washington University official sealCWU has set its sights on being the No. 1 transfer student-receiving university in the state. It aims to get there with the help of its new Transfer Center, which will be fully operational fall quarter 2020.

“The center will help support the best undergraduate experience for transfer students to ensure a smooth transition and timely progress toward graduation and beyond,” said Aaron Brown, CWU associate dean of Student Development and Achievement.  

CWU currently ranks second statewide in total transfer students. Close to 40 percent of all CWU students have transferred from community colleges or other higher education institutions within Washington and beyond.

Lauren Hibbs, executive director for CWU Extended Learning, said, “Our hope is to be the most student-friendly transition institution in Washington. This new Transfer Center will be critical in bringing together both internal and external stakeholders to ensure our practices meet this aspiration.”

The Transfer Center is just the latest indicator of CWU’s ongoing commitment to becoming the top transfer institution in the state of Washington.

“The philosophical foundation of the Transfer Center is examining and evolving equitable systems for historically underserved populations, such as first-generation and adult learners,” Hibbs added. “The Transfer Center will lead campus conversation directly tied to supporting these student populations.”

Megan McConnell, CWU Transfer Center director, said, “We will serve as a university-wide advocate for transfer issues. We will also offer high-quality programs, services, and resources to assist students’ academic preparation to come to Central; effective transition support once they’re here; and continued support as they move on to graduation and beyond.”

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