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CWU football kicks off camp with new coaches and new look

New Central Washington University head football coach Ian Shoemaker will run a faster Wildcat offense than in previous seasons.

Quarterbacks and running backs spent part of Thursday's opening preseason practice working on the read-option taking snaps about 10 seconds after the previous play ended.

But Shoemaker wants one thing to be clear: he does not want the Wildcats to be just an up-tempo team.

"We change tempos. That's the key," Shoemaker said. "We want to give the illusion that we can play fast at any point, and then control the tempo from that. It will be dictated by the game, and dictated by the opponent, at times, what that need is. We can play as fast as anybody in the country, if we want to."

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Story by Danny Schmidt, photo by Brian Myrick