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CWU Exhibition Explores Nomadic Lifestyle

Salt Flats in Utah

CWU Master of Fine Arts student Brock Jensen is hosting his solo exhibition titled "Illuminating the Brute," March 6-10 in Gallery 231 in Randall Hall at Central Washington University, according to a news release.

An opening reception is planned for 5-7 p.m. Monday in the gallery.

Jensen said his nomadic lifestyle is a major influence for his performance-based artwork, which explore his mental and physical capacity for enduring pain, suffering, isolation and physical exertion, according to the release. The exhibition will include photography, film, sculpture and drawing, with locations that are both natural and industrial. 

This article was published in the February 28, 2017 issue of The Daily Record.

Photo Above:  Jensen completed this performance in the Salt Flats of Utah--on the hottest day in July temperatures reached into the hundreds as he pulled the fourteen-hundred-pound concrete cylinder through the barren white planes. The performance lasted thirty-one minutes, a time in which Jensen was able to pull the object for just over one mile before callapsing in exhaustion.