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CWU Emergency Notifications and Resources

As we enter a new academic year, it’s important that new and returning Wildcats are informed about emergency notifications and resources.  

As always, the well-being of our students, faculty, and staff remains our highest priority. Despite the fact we live in a community ranked one of the safest in the state of Washington, we must be prepared for unexpected events, such as the poor air quality we’re experiencing. Part of being prepared is adopting best practices that can help our campus and community respond quickly when faced with expected situations.

In the event of campus closures, suspensions, or other emergencies that impacts the operation of the Ellensburg campus, CWU students and employees will receive a CWU Alert! via text message, phone message, and email. Follow the instructions and only follow official CWU communication channels for information and updates. Official CWU channels include: CWU Alert!, CWU Emergency Notification websiteCWU Twitter @CentralWashU, and CWU Facebook @cwu.wildcatsDo not share information on social media or with the authorities that you are not certain about.

Students attending University Sites and Centers are to follow instructions provided at their host sites. 

CWU has a number of resources available to help ensure we remain prepared:

CWU Alert! – This comprehensive notification system combines text messaging, email, and phone messages to be sent instantly whenever an incident may pose a threat to the campus community. All students, faculty, and staff are automatically enrolled in this system and contact information is pulled directly from their MyCWU accountCheck your “Contact Details” under “Personal Details” today to ensure your information is current.  Official CWU alerts are titled: CWU Alert, CWU Health Alert, CWU Air Quality Alert, CWU COVID-19 Alert, and CWU Weather Alert and are immediately followed by instructions. See examples below:

CWU Alert Screen Shots

Rave Guardian App – This is an add-on to our existing CWU Alert! system. Downloading this app to your phone allows the user to receive emergency alerts via WiFi. It also has two additional safety features: (1) a walking companion app that allows a ‘social angel’ to follow the user via GPS from a starting to end point. Either party may alert police if something has happened while walking; and (2) a tab that provides emergency and safety information.

Emergency Notification Website – This is a “one-stop-shop” for emergency information. You can access all of the emergency resources on the college’s Emergency Notifications website at The home page serves as one of the portals for CWU official emergency information. The Safety and Emergency Preparation menu provides direction for specific emergencies that Central may face. You can also access the university emergency closure policy, as well as, weather service and travel alert information. 

Emergency Preparedness Online Training – A CWU-centric online emergency preparedness course is available for all employees via Central Learning Academy (CLA). This mandatory online course replaced the corporate version that was previously used.

Run, Hide, Fight Video – Customized CWU  active shooter scenario training video, utilizing campus buildings and students, faculty, and staff for actors. This video is available online via YouTube. This important video provides potentially life-saving information we hope you remember.

All members of the campus community should review and become familiar with this information.