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CWU Converts Popular Traditions Keeper Program to Smartphone App

Central Washington University students participating in the school’s Traditions Keeper program have a new tool to help them organize and streamline their list of traditions —an easy-to-use application (app) for their smartphones.


The Traditions Keeper program was created during CWU’s 125th anniversary in 2016 as a vehicle for students to experience and record their involvement in school activities, which were called traditions. It originally involved taking photos after completing a tradition and posting in a book-like catalog.


“We realized that in this day and age it was unrealistic to think a student would carry a book around in his or her pocket, print a photo, and paste it inside the book,” noted Jeff Rosenberry, executive director of student involvement. “The new app makes it easy for the student to record their completion of the traditions.”


Rosenberry said the traditions range from attending the CWU vs. Western Washington University rivalry game in basketball to taking a drive through the Yakima River Canyon. Some events require multiple visits and students can start completing traditions as early as their first day as a freshman.


Part of the fun in completing the traditions—there are a total of 118—is earning various commemorative pins. For example, completing 18 traditions earns a student a bronze lapel pin, completing 36 traditions earns a silver lapel pin, completing 54 traditions earns a gold lapel pin, and completing 72 earns the highest reward, a CWU Graduation Medallion.


Rosenberry added that the new app was downloaded nearly 400 times in its first week on the Apple App Store and on Google Play. Once the app has been downloaded, students log-in with their CWU email account.


From there they can select or search any tradition from the list of 118 to complete. Fulfilling the requirements for each asks students to either write a description of their experience or take a picture at an event (or with someone in some cases).


“The new app is helpful in showing students the broad amount of experiences they can get involved with as a part of the Wildcat family and keeps CWU traditions alive,” Rosenberry said.


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