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COVID-19: Spring Quarter 2020 Fees & Waivers

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Dear CWU Students,

As you know, we will conduct our spring quarter entirely online for the first time in the history of the university. This shift has prompted a careful analysis of university fees. 

CWU will be waiving all fees that are not linked to instruction, to student support, or to legal financial obligations, including the support of bonds that pay for student facilities. We appreciate your understanding that we need to maintain the viability of the university’s student services and our legal obligations.

CWU will waive the following fees for spring quarter 2020.

1.   Athletics fee
2.   Central Transit fee
3.   Dining Contract Cancellation fee (for students who have purchased but won’t be able to use a meal plan)
4.   Housing Contract Cancellation fee (for students not residing in Ellensburg-campus housing)
5.   Late Payment fee 
6.   Late Registration fee
7.   Library fee
8.   Parking fee
9.   Web-course fee
10. Wellness fee

CWU will continue the following fees for spring quarter 2020 because they support vital student services, instruction, or are linked to a contractual obligation.

Student Services Fees: 
1.  Student Health and Counseling Center Fee support important student services, and will remain operational both in Ellensburg and in a web-based format.  

Fees that Support Instruction:
2.  The Technology Fee will provide critical support for moving all instruction online.
3.  Tuition Fees continue to be the same for online and in-person instruction.
4.  Math and writing tutoring will continue online.

Fees linked to Contractual Obligations:
5.  The Student Union and Recreation Center Fees support bonds that were used to build the facility and cannot be waived.
6.  The Service and Activities Fee supports bonds that were used to construct student mandated projects, as well as paying for direct student services and student programs.

If you would like more information regarding fees visit,

We are looking forward to welcoming you back to “campus” online and are ready for an exciting spring quarter with classes and support services just a click away. While we are all living through rapidly changing times, there is one thing we can be certain of:  we will continue to provide the outstanding educational experience that has always defined Central.   


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James L. Gaudino