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COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Compliance Form (Attestation)

As CWU continues to prepare for its Fall 2020 opening, the health and well-being of all CWU students, staff, and faculty remains preeminent. Because of that, some new procedures and protocols will be in place.Attestation Document
To ensure expectations are known, understood, and will be followed by the university community, a one-time confirmation will be required. When students and employees log into MyCWU on or after Thursday, August 13, you will be required to complete a COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Compliance form to gain access to the system. Once the form is completed, users will not be prompted again.
This is a necessary step to ensure students and employees understand the health risks of COVID-19 as well as their roles and responsibilities in mitigating potential threats for themselves and others.
Attached is a copy of the COVID-19 Risk Mitigation Compliance form that will be required once you login to MyCWU.