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Campus is Open, but Some Buildings Remain Locked

The CWU Ellensburg campus is open and services are available, but the exterior doors on many buildings remain locked because a large number of faculty and staff members are working remotely.

Some buildings will be unlocked during business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.), but most department offices remain closed to the public or have varying hours of operation. Others, such as the Student Union & Recreation Center (SURC), allow access only to members of the campus community. A current list of buildings and their accessibility can be found on the Facilities Management webpage. Visit each department's web page for their hours of operation. 

CWU would like to remind all faculty and staff about the importance of communication — with each other, our students, and our external partners — about when departments will be open, and to whom.

To help departments share their hours of operation and contact information, the university recommends the following messaging for use on department or program webpages, external doors, and voicemail systems:

Door Signage
Download a printable department door sign template with contact information and edit for individual department needs. 

Phone & Website
Provide specific details about hours of operation for in-person service and alternative ways for students to obtain information remotely (phone number, email, CWU website, or elsewhere). 

  • An example message for phone or website: 

“… The [department, program] office in [name] Hall is now open [days, hours]. For assistance outside of those times, contact [name] or visit [website] …”

  • For buildings only open to members of the campus community, additional details may be needed. 

“… The [department, program] office in [name] Hall is now open [days, hours] to [specify group/s] only. If you are not a [specify group/s] or for assistance outside of those times, contact [name] or visit [website] …”

If you need more information about CWU building access, please email Shane Scott, associate vice president for Campus Planning & Facilities Management,