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The 'Burg and Recreation Center Partner on Fitness Frequency

88.1 The ‘Burg and University Recreation have partnered on a new music and announcement service called Fitness Frequency, airing now throughout the Recreation Center. 

After University Recreation lost its audio service, which often carried explicit lyrics and gave students little control over which songs and artists they listened to, it began looking for alternatives. Professional services are too costly and also gave little control over content. And simply airing a simulcast of The ‘Burg was not an option due to its many news and sports talk offerings.

The ‘Burg and the Recreation Center decided to create an in-house music and announcement service called Fitness Frequency by repurposing old radio station equipment and using the music and playlists. The Recreation Center now has total control of the music and the ability to record and air announcements.

Michael Montgomery, assistant director of operations for University Recreation, has been very happy with the results. 

“It has been a great project with a campus partner," Montgomery said. “It allows us to exceed our music needs. We are able to create a great environment and get the word out about programs in a new way.”

Nick Elliott, chief engineer at The ‘Burg, is excited to bring new life to old equipment. 

“Most of the hardware we used in the past has been eclipsed by the remarkable technology we use at the radio station today, so I’m glad we had the opportunity of repurposing it.”

The partnership is a win-win, says Travis Box, general manager of The ‘Burg. 

“By giving them freedom and flexibility with their music and audio, all while promoting the student radio station at the same time, it was a fantastic example of solving a need and creating opportunity for both the Recreation Center and The ‘Burg that benefits the students,” Box said.

For more information about Fitness Frequency, contact Michael Montgomery at or 509-963-3556 or Travis Box at or by phone at 509-963-2282.