CWU News

Bronze Wildcat Statue Installed on Campus

A new bronze Wildcat sculpture was installed today on campus.

The nine-foot-long work, crafted by sculptor Matthew Palmer of Friday Harbor (pictured), crouches on a cement pedestal in the center of the east patio of the Student Union and Recreation Center.

“Bronze is a good, solid, nice-looking material that is suitable for the level of detail that transfers that type of imagery pretty well,” Palmer said.  

Bronze is also durable, which makes the new Wildcat perfect for posing with for photos and rubbing for good luck. 

The statue was a student-driven initiative that has been in the works for three years. It was funded by CWU student government, the Office of the President, the Office of the Provost, Student Success, University Housing and New Student Programs, the Wildcat Shop, the CWU Foundation, and the SURC Art Committee.

An official ceremony for the statue will take place in the fall.

June 1, 2015