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Anonymous Donors Offer CWU Student Loan Debt Relief for Kittitas County Educators

For the third consecutive year, the Central Washington University Foundation has received a commitment from anonymous benefactors to provide student loan debt relief to a graduate from the classes of 2018-2021 who is pursuing a career in education within Kittitas County.

Preference for the award will be given to those who have:

  • A degree in Education from CWU
  • Desire to be a full-time teacher in Kittitas County for career
  • Are first in their immediate family to earn a college degree

“We think teachers are very important to society, they train our future citizens,” the donors said. “We also think they are underpaid and it must be very difficult for them starting out, especially when they are burdened with a large student loan. We wanted to do something to make the transition into their career easier. We would do it for every teacher if we could.”

Those interested must submit an application and essay by Wednesday, June 30, 2021, to be eligible for the award. A CWU committee will select a pool of applicants to be interviewed for the final selection of the award recipient. for more information and to apply today.

Media contact: Richard Moreno, Department of Public Affairs, 509-963-2714,