Campus Notices

Feb 3 2023

Dr. Oleg Timofeyev Lecture/Concert on the Seven-String Guitar

The CWU Department of Music is proud to welcome Dr. Oleg Timofeyev to our recital hall stage for a lecture/concert on the seven-string guitar. In this lecture-recital, Dr. Timofeyev traces the origins of the seven-string guitar to the milieu of Czech and Polish musicians who found themselves in Moscow and St. Petersburg in the 1790s.  He then describes through music and slides the rich culture of the Russian Empire seen through images of the seven-string guitar literature, paintings, and memoirs. Finally, the 1917 Revolution brings the glory of the seven-string guitar to an end and ushers in a new approach to music. Please join us for this free event!

Event Date: Mon, 02/27/23

Event Time: 1:00PM

Event Location: McIntyre Music Building Recital Hall

Attachment: Image icon W23 Dr. Oleg Timofeyev Lecture-Concert.jpg