Submit a Campus or Event Notice

Campus Notices are delivered daily to all students, staff, and faculty via CWU's Central Today email. The deadline for publishing Campus or Event Notices is 8:30 a.m. on the work day when you'd like it posted, and delivered via the Central Today email.

Public Affairs reserves the right to edit and modify submissions to Campus and Event Notices without warning. Only events that are CWU "owned" or hosted, affiliated with CWU, or taking place on any of CWU's campuses are appropriate.

Before posting, ensure that your message to campus complies with the following guidelines:

All Campus and Event Notices Must...

  • Not be duplicate more than three days in a row (see Note 1 below regarding "reminder" notices)
  • Pertain to faculty, staff, or students only
  • Pertain to an event held on campus or a University event
  • Not contain third party advertisements, logos or links (one mention of a sponsor in text is acceptable)
  • Be submitted on time (See Note 2 Below)
  • Meet message format and accessibility requirements
  • Be relevant to a broad campus audience
  • Include the following ADA statement for any and all events:

Anyone with a disability that needs accommodations to attend this event should contact Disability Services about accommodations at (509) 963-2214 at least 72 hours in advance.

Note 1: Duplicate or “reminder” notices should not be scheduled more than three consecutive days. Please keep in mind the date of your event when considering how early you need to send your notice to increase effectiveness. Notices are most effective when sent the week of or the week before the event is set to take place.

Note 2: University-Wide Notices submitted prior to 8:30 a.m. will be included in Central Today email the same day. If your message is received after 8:30 a.m., it will be sent the following work day.

  • Acceptable CWU Campus Notices include...
    • Major University events scheduled with short notice
    • Events that promote and enhance the CWU image
    • Personnel announcements
    • Lowering of the flag
    • Parking lot and campus road closings
  • How it Works

    Campus Notice: Notices are displayed on the Campus Notices page on the dates you that your selected post date.

    Event Notice: Similar to the Campus Notices, Event Notices allow you to select a date, location, and time of the event. Event Notices will appear on the Campus Notices page along with non-Event Notices. Event Notices are preceded by a calendar icon on the Campus Notices page.

    NOTE: Event Notices are NOT connected to 25live. If you need to post an event to the university event calendar, visit the 25live page.

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