Campus Notices

Apr 15 2014

HerStory Project Speaker this Friday April 18 at Noon at Faculty Center

The HerStory Project celebrates the remarkable stories of four women who work at Central Washington University. Their talks range in topics from women survivors of war and human rights—told by a woman who helped shape policy for emergency response at the United Nations—to saving animals from the Taylor Bridge fire, told by a woman who runs a cow-calf operation in Ellensburg. All of these women have stories that are unique and will undoubtedly inspire and ignite. All you have to do is bring your lunch!

The HerStory Project at CWU is a Provost initiative with support from: Women's and Gender Studies, Inclusiveness and Diversity Center and the Dean of Student Success. To learn more, e-mail Dr. Candace Cleary:  or email:
Here are the dates, times and locations for HerStory Speaker Series:
Fridays at noon.
Bring a lunch.
(Friday, Feb 28    Dr. Anne Cubilie) - COMPLETED
Friday, April 11    Joanne Hillemann- COMPLETED
Friday, April 18    Dr. Lene Pedersen
Friday, May 9      Charlene Andrews
Hosted at the Faculty Center (AKA Mary Grupe Center)

Religious Collaboration in Indonesia
Lene Pedersen, Anthropology, CWU
Date: Friday, April 18  Time: Noon-1:00 p.m.  Location: Faculty Center
Lene Pedersen, professor of anthropology at Central Washington University, is a native of Denmark who spent much of her childhood in East Africa. For the last 15 years, she has conducted research on the island of Bali, the smallest province of Indonesia. Her work focuses on the evolving phenomenon of decentralized political systems emerging in the face of older, multi-level traditional systems—a trend happening in many parts of the world today. She is currently working on a National Science Foundation sponsored project on political change in Bali. Pedersen is the author of Ritual and World Change in a Balinese Princedom, and has written articles on gender, decentralization, and Hindu-Muslim relations.


The Taylor Bridge Fire: Evacuating Animals in a Crisis
Charlene Andrews, CWU Human Resources
Date: Friday, May 9  Time: Noon-1:00 p.m.  Location: Faculty Center
Charlene Andrews, in human resources at Central Washington University, helped evacuate hundreds of animals during the Taylor Bridge Fire of August 2012. Wild animals adapt to periodic wildfires. But farm animals and pets have no defense. The fire destroyed 23,500 acres around Cle Elum, and as it was battled from the air, volunteers like Charlene Andrews saved cows, horses, llamas and other livestock, as well as beloved pets. Come and hear her remarkable story.
Andrews grew up in eastern Washington and works at CWU in faculty relations. With her teenage daughter she runs a small cow-calf operation, keeping a permanent herd while producing calves for later sale. She also owns horses, some used for ranch work, others for dressage. (She boasts her loyal ranch dogs actually work for a living.) Much of Andrew’s spare time is spent volunteering with the Kittitas County 4-H program as a leader of a beef club, co-leader for the working ranch horse program, and vice president of the livestock committee. She and her daughter are both active in the Kittitas County Cattlemen’s Association.

The Re-integration: From Pakistan to Washington DC in September 2001
Dr. Anne Cubilie, Douglas Honors College Director, Central Washington University
Date: Friday, February 21 Time: Noon-1:00 p.m.  Location: CWU Faculty Center
Dr. Cubilié came to Central from the United Nations where she worked in humanitarian and development policy. A former assistant professor at Georgetown University, she has lived and worked in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Cairo, Egypt, most recently as a visiting scholar researching women’s relationships to government structures. At the UN, Dr. Cubilié worked to bridge the gap between academic research and the political and policy considerations of international aid.
"In the last days of August 2001, after a year of living and working for the United Nations in Pakistan and Afghanistan, I returned to resume my work at Georgetown University in Washington DC.  Days later, on September 11, three boxes I had sent home from Pakistan were delivered. As I sat on the floor unpacking, a friend phoned to tell me to turn on the TV. Suddenly, the world I had inhabited and the world I returned to were brought horribly, immediately, together."
She authored Women Witness Terror: Testimony and the Cultural Politics of Human Rights, bringing testimony from women survivors of war and human rights abuses. Her collection of survivor’s testimonies has helped her inform policy for emergency response at the U.N. She has lectured internationally and was recently awarded a Fulbright research fellowship. She joined the William O. Douglas Honors College at CWU as its director in August 2013.

Women Can Build!
Joanne Hillemann, Architect, LEED AP, manager, Facilities Planning and Construction Services, CWU
Date: Friday, April 11 Time: Noon-1:00 p.m.  Location: Faculty Center
When Joanne Hillemann considered the field of architecture, less than 3 percent of architects in the United States were women. Although women today make up more than 46 percent of the total American workforce, they’re still under-represented in architecture, engineering and construction at under 20 percent. Hillemann will talk about how women’s unique skills will continue to break through the construction glass ceiling and she’ll discuss green building and how we can all bring green living concepts into our own homes. Over the past 16 years, Hillemann has managed the design and construction of many projects at CWU, including the Music Building, the Barto and Wendell Hill Residential Halls, and the McConnell Auditorium and Nicholson Pavilion renovations. She is project manager on the exciting new Science phase II project.
Hillemann is a “green champion” for CWU’s first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified green building, Dean Hall, exceeding all expectations with Gold certification.  She is a LEED-accredited professional and the CWU manager of facilities for Planning and Construction Services and is a licensed architect in Washington and Florida.