Campus Notices

Jul 27 2022

Special heatwave hours at the Museum of Culture and Environment

It's hot outside! The Museum on campus will be open special heatwave hours, this week only! July 27-29 from 1-4 p.m.

Come see Tooth + Tusk, a science exhibit with real teeth and tusks, plus hands on activities. Learn about the Wenas Creek Mammoth and hold replica mammoth bones. Plus we'll have a couple of activity tables for folks and families who want to enjoy the AC a little longer.

Want more to do on campus? Check out the lobby of the Science Building, which is home to snakes, turtles, and more. Visit Discovery Hall, which has an amazing timeline of Earth's history. And on Friday, stop by the Greenhouse next to Dean Hall to see Snorkle the tortoise and a world of amazing plants.

Parking on campus is $6. If visiting the museum by car, we recommend Lot 0-5 (just across the street) where you can purchase a pass at the Parking Service Building. There's also a Central Transit stop at Wildcat Way at 11th, just one block from the Museum.

As always, there's no admission fee to visit the museum.