Campus Notices

Feb 7 2023

Public Comment for University-Wide Policy and Procedure Modification Process

In the interest of shared governance, the Office of the President has implemented a public comment period for policies and procedures coming before UPAC.

Comments will be available for a two-week period, approximately one month prior to UPAC meetings. This allows time for the Executive Leadership Team to discuss information submitted, and whether to delay proposed policy and procedure changes for further modification.

You may access the most current UPAC page here.

Public comment periods for the first half of 2023 UPAC meetings are as follows:

March 8 UPAC

Public comment open February 1 – 15

April 26 UPAC

Public comment open April 5 – 12

June 14 UPAC

Public comment open May 17 – May 31

Please contact with any questions.